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Dr Wai Phyo (MRCOG Part-3)

07 Dec 2018

Beyond my dream with BeMRCOG Hello, friends and BeMRCOG family! I am Dr Wai Phyo from Myanmar. It gives me the immense pleasure to write a testimonial for BeMRCOG course because it will serve as evidence why I joined this platform and how this platform recreated me to become a confident candidate for MRCOG Part 3 exam. I joined this course after I found out that many non-UK based Candidates passed from this group, including one of my friend, Ei Mon Han. And I wished at that time one day I would write a testimonial on BeMRCOG website like many MRCOGs who passed the Part 3 MRCOG examination with the support of BeMRCOG course. The question that usually arises after passing the Part 2 MRCOG examination is when to give Part 3 ? I personally prefer it be given immediately as the theoretical knowledge is still fresh. So I joined BeMRCOG in November 2017 right after my part 2 exam. At the beginning of the journey, it was not easy for me who didnโ€™t know what the meaning of domains, module, SBAR, signposting. However, after listening to e-tutorials from this course again and again, I started to realize that e-tutorials are the method of transferring knowledge and are necessary to undertake specific tasks. You know e-tutorials from this course are the building blocks of MRCOG. You have to listen and apply them again and again in your daily work. If not you will be in trouble with our Mentor Asma ๐Ÿ˜‰. Now I would take the opportunity to tell you about Asma. She is amazing, her voice is sweet, her knowledge is tremendous but if needed, she is very strict in discipline. She is my mentor, friend, elder sister and sometimes I feel like she is a mother of all of us. As being mentor, she encouraged and guided me to change my attitude, way of thinking and speaking. Initially, it was difficult to change my practice and behaviour like other well-knowledged candidates. She wanted us to behave like UK ST 5 trainees, to think as wide as possible. E tutorials can only be completed with Asma. Every single word from Asma is marvellous and useful to learn from her. The way of her teaching techniques is totally different from other online courses. She wanted me to learn the approaching and solving methods not only for exam but also for the rest of my life. Difficult, right? But trust me you wonโ€™t even know when your attitude, behaviour and knowledge started to change little by little, day by day while you are on the BeMRCOG platform. Eventually, all these enhancements will be helpful in your exam. Honestly, I am obsessed with learning in BeMRCOG group activity. Asma added me in WhatsApp group after I joined BeMRCOG which was 10 months before the exam. So I got chances to learn from other excellent Candidates. And I was lucky enough to be a co- Moderator in the group at one point. That was a huge experience for me and made me popular in the group ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. I learnt from the good and the mistakes from friends and Asma is always ready to correct our mistakes. Her teaching technique is not a spoon feeding technique. She encourages ( sometimes forced us ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰) us to identify our needs by ourselves while she was there to support and clarify further concepts. We made small groups do different tasks as modules, competencies, flash cards, team-working, leadership skill and feedback. As time passed, we were bonded with each other and this group became my second family. You know WhatsApp group activity was the most I liked but without Asma and e tutorials, that group will be not be completed. I also attended two days Online workshop. This was a live session and completely different from any other workshops. Asmaโ€™s individual feedback is the essence of this course. After that workshop, I realized that how to perform on the day of the exam. Honestly, I had no idea how to pass this hard and mysterious exam in very first attempt. That was beyond my dreams. But now you can see I fulfilled my journey with the guidance of Asma and BeMRCOG team. If I can do it, you can also do it. Only you need to follow BeMRCOG instructions. Thank you, Asma and your team for letting me in this wonderful family. I wish I can see and greet you in person. Thanks Dr Wai Phyo

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