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Dr Meenu Priyadarshini (MRCOG Part-3)

04 Oct 2018

Hello, I am Meenu from India. I passed the part 2 exam in Jan 2018. I began my preparation for Part 3 exam with a lot of negative comments that as a non-UK based candidate, it is not possible to pass Part 3 exam in the first attempt. Adding to that I did not have a regular study partner which everyone kept saying is a must for this exam. There is a wealth of information and reading material on the internet and social groups for this exam. Having collected them, I was only left more intimidated and confused by the sheer volume and complexity of it all. I was totally losing the plot in preparation. That was when I discovered BeMRCOG and enrolled on the course. After my introductory session with Asma and going through her tutorials on the website, I realised that what is actually required is, in fact, an understanding of the needs of the exam first and then to understand each core module next. And there are just 14 of them, which is an achievable target. And Asma’s tutorials explain them so nicely. I joined the group practice pretty late. But within the short span of time, I was able to make a lot of friends. And Asma’s style is unique. Nothing is spoon-fed. Asma will show the right way to prepare. It’s up to each individual to do the actual preparation. And she hammered in habits and thought processes that can make or break the exam. Communication tools, Feedback, patient safety, teamwork and leadership all unknowingly became a part of my daily routine. The 2-day workshop was hectic. But Asma is so observant and picks up on every word you utter and the feedback was invaluable. This workshop is not the regular circuit practice like you find in other courses. It is a completely different experience and individual attention is paid to each person with the focus again on the module as a whole and not just the task at hand. This course helped me fill up my gaps in understanding UK practice. Asma also made tough subjects for non-UK candidates like Clinical governance more easy to understand by giving practical examples. Her workshop gave a lot of clarity on complex topics like consent, confidentiality, work-place behaviour, risk management. I was able to handle these issues in the exam confidently because of this course. I finally stand here having achieved my dream of “becoming” MRCOG. And a big, big thanks to Asma and BeMRCOG team for helping me live this dream. All I would like to say is that it is possible to pass this exam in the first attempt. Thank you, Asma for showing the way. Warm Regards, Meenu Priyadarshini

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