MRCOG Part-3 Online Group Practice Course

After a highly productive Group Practice course of Part-3, we are pleased to announce the next schedule of the course from February 25, 2019, to April 5, 2019.

Students who have subscribed our Part-3 E-course are eligible to become part of this activity.

Subscription is open now.

This is a golden chance for those who have missed our previous session because there is much more to attain in a highly structured practice utilising a variety of at least 15 teaching strategies and unique evaluation methods to gauge the progress of the participants.

For subscription and more information, please visit our course page here.


MRCOG Part-3 New Workshop Dates

After a highly successful 2-Day Clinical exam Practice workshop of Part-3 on January 19-20, 2019, we are pleased to announce that the next workshop is scheduled on March 16-17, 2019.

Students who could not grab the opportunity for subscribing the previous workshop can now have a chance to avail this opportunity.

Registration has already started.

Please, be noted that due to limited availability, seats will be reserved on first come first get bases.

For subscription, please Click Here.


MRCOG Part-3 2-Day Clinical Exam Practice Workshop Jan-2019

The 2-Day live event of Part-3 Clinical Exam Practice Workshop ended successfully with a highly rated feedback.  Participants found it a highly productive experience.

The workshop maintained its record of receiving an exceptional rating according to the anonymous feedback gathered at the completion of two days as depicted below:

Q1. How well did this workshop help you identify your learning needs for clinical exam?

Extremely Well 100%
Fairly Well 0%
Not Sure 0%
Not at all 0%




Q2. Sufficient time was allowed to cover each task.

Strongly Agree 100%
Agree 0%
Neutral 0%
Disagree 0%




Q3. The presenter appeared well-informed and knowledgeable.

Strongly Agree 100%
Agree 0%
Neutral  0%
Strongly Disagree 0%




Q4. The range of teaching methods used were appropriate for an online learning event.

Strongly Agree 83.33%
Agree 16.67%
Neutral  0%
Disagree  0%
Strongly Disagree  0%





Q5. How well this event met your expectations?

Excelled My Expectations 66.67%
Met My Expectations 33.33%
No Comments 0%
Disappointed 0%





Q6. How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend/colleague?

Highly Likely 83.33%
Likely 16.67%
Not Sure 0%
Unlikely 0%
No Way 0%





Q7. How satisfied are you with the meeting platform (GotoMeeting)?

Highly Likely  83.33%
Likely 16.67%
Not Sure 0%
Unlikely 0%
No Way 0%





Q8. What did you like most about this event?

  • Learned to look into the task not only from the candidate point of view but also to frame in mind the question the examiner might ask by knowing where the end each module and putting myself in to the role player position to know whether I am satisfied for continuing my care with the doctor.
  • As it was a small group had a complete one to one exhaustive session, much to my benefit. Thanks to Dr Asma to go through so such intricate details. Feeling so satisfied and rejuvenated.
  • Dr Asma’s method unique way of teaching.
  •  The event not only addresses my learning needs but also brought out my strengths and how I can utilize them in this exam. It also gave a wide awareness about the system in UK as well as the organized mindset of the people.
  • Best online course

Q9. What did you not like about the event? Any suggestions for improvement?

  • I enjoyed every bit. There was nothing I felt needs a change.
  • Cannot really think of anything at the moment.
  • None
  • No Improvements. But I really wish I could here more from Dr. Asma, as she is one of the best guide and mentor I have come across till date. Thank you for everything.
  • No


BeMRCOG launches its latest version of the website successfully

On January 14, 2019, the technical team of BeMRCOG Ltd. successfully launched its new website version.

This new version is based on cutting-edge technology and is using the most advanced Learning Management System.

It removes all the errors and problems that were affecting the performance in the previous version.

This website is particularly focusing the users and subscribed students with extra features of 'Make your Own Mock Test' features.


MRCOG Part-3 Supplementary Workshop

It is to announce that a supplementary workshop has arranged on March 17-18, 2018. Students who could not subscribe previously for the April workshop may get this opportunity.

Please note that you have to contact our live help for the subscription process.


MRCOG Part-3 April Workshops are Fully Booked

Workshop for MRCOG Part-3 which is going to be held on April 7-8, 2018 is fully booked. No further subscriptions are entertained.

Please visit our website regularly for the updates.


BeMRCOG Version 3.0

For a better user experience, we are going to introduce our new website version BeMRCOG Version 3.0 in February 2018.

This new version has improved in many ways and is a more user-friendly than the previous one.

We are coming with many new features for visitors and subscribers especially with separate and isolated interfaces respectively.

We welcome your suggestions and comments.


MRCOG Part 2 Study Group

After the great success of Part 3 WhatsApp study group, BeMRCOG is pleased to introduce WhatsApp study group for Part 2 for July exam.

The study group is well renowned for its daily activities that are closely monitored by Dr Asma Naqi with on spot feedback.\

This study group is facilitated for the students who have subscribed to our Part-2 e-course.

Please visit our part-2 course for more detials,


MRCOG Part 3 Live Online Workshop

BeMRCOG is pleased to schedule its two consecutive workshops in March and April for Part 3.

March workshop is fully booked whereas there are only 3-seats left for April workshop. Registration is open on first come first get basis.

For more details please visit,

or you may talk to our live help-desk agent.


MRCOG Part 3 Study Group

BeMRCOG has started a unique activity for Part 3 candidates, the WhatsApp Study Group.

Students who have subscribed our Part 3 e-course are eligible to become the part of this activity.

All the daily activities are directly monitored and guided by Dr Asma Naqi herself. This is a great platform for students to have a direct supervision and interaction with the course mentor.

For more details of the e-course, please visit


Part 3/OSCE Workshop

2-day live workshop for MRCOG part 3 and MRCPI OSCE was held on 22 and 23 October, 2016. 15 participants from 6 different countries joined the event over our virtual meeting platform and left with a very high satisfaction levels. Comments on this event can be viewed in the ‘Candidates’ Reviews‘ section of our website.


Date change for November Live Webinar

Due to some inadvertent unforeseen circumstances, the dates of Live Webinar are changed to November 5-7, 2016. This webinar was previously scheduled to be held on November 4-6, 2016.

Delegates have been informed and necessary actions are taken to deal with their inconvenience.


First Clinical Governance workshop

First online Workshop on Clinical Governance ended successfully on October 8, 2016, leaving a very satisfied audience.

22 delegates participated in this 1-day webinar from 12 various countries from across the world. This event was accredited for 8 CPD hours, certificates will be sent out to the participants in the next few days.

Reviews of this event gathered from an anonymous survey monkey feedback can be viewed here:


BeMRCOG courses are now CPD accredited!

This is indeed a golden moment in the history of BeMRCOG Ltd. Our courses are now accredited by the CPD Standards Office, UK. This validates our commitment to excellence, as well as, guarantees a high standard service to our subscribers.

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and CPD credits are now globally used to validate the competencies of medical doctors. CPD credits are a proof that you are continuously striving to maintain your standards in medical practice. These credits are granted on any accredited activities that you engage in, out of your work place, but the activity does contribute to your professional development. Most of the Medical Councils require a certain number of these credits at the time of revalidation or renewal of your licence to practice. Other uses of these credits are in annual appraisal, job planning and PDPs. CPD accredited activities are also funded by some organisations where they cover your educational allowance. You can also include these activities in your RCOG CPD portfolio.

GMC (General Medical Council, UK) has developed specific guidance on CPD that can be accessed here:


Supplementary Webinar Arranged !!

August Webinar is now full while we still have a significant number of people who wish to attend the event. To deal with this situation, another event is scheduled for September 2-4, 2016.

This event fills up very quickly, so in order to avoid disappointment you may wish to reserve your seat for the next event. 

In order to maintain high quality delivery of the webinar, number of seats is limited to 15 maximum.

This webinar is a 3 days intensive course for preparation of MRCOG part 2. This is suitable for UK and non-UK based candidates, both first timers and repeaters.



Announcing dates of the second webinar

After a very successful first experience, the next Webinar is now open for registration.

It’s a 3 days intensive online course for the written exam of MRCOG part 2, delivered to you in a unique way. Please see the feedback from previous session here:

Next 3 days-event will be on Aug.5-7, 2016. Seats are limited to 10-15 participants only, to maintain high quality interaction.

For full programme, fee and registration please visit:


OSCE is dead. Long live Part 3!

OSCE is dead. Long live Part 3!
And keeping in accordance with this change, this course is currently under review. However, the skills included below will remain the same. It’s mainly the exam style change and a different terminology use that seems different; although while going through the real exam, you may not find it very different than the old style OSCE.
Candidates sitting for any exam other than MRCOG can continue using the material available on BeMRCOG website. For MRCOG part 3, this will be updated by September 2016.
Thank you!


Attendance Certificates

All attendees of the 3 days intensive webinar have been distributed certificates of attendance on 25th May, 2016. This concludes the event.


First webinar: a big success!

We are super excited to update this news feed today. We have lived to our promise of a ‘once in a life-time’ experience regarding the webinar for 3 days intensive course for MRCOG part 2.

See it yourself by viewing comments from attendees here:


Hurry! Early bird registration ending in 2 days

Early bird registration of 195 GBP for the upcoming webinar is ending on May 13, 2016.
Seat are limited, register now to secure your place.


Intensive courses added!

We have finally planned to add intensive courses also alongside our extensive courses. The first event is planned for May 2016, and is expected to cause waves in the world of intensive courses. This is designed in a unique way that is guaranteed to capture your attention constantly for 8 hours x 3 days.

Watch this space for follow-up news on the event.


We have just upgraded!

Good news for all our website users!

BeMRCOG is now a UK based company. This is indeed another milestone achieved.

BeMRCOG courses were started back in 2011, as home-based tutorials. The first few courses yielded excellent results and on high demand from students, these courses were launched online as in August 2013. 2 years later, we upgraded our website and this new look that you are seeing now was created. And now, yet another progress that has just added to our credibility and authenticity.

Dr. Asma Naqi, who is the mentor of BeMRCOG courses, has taken over the responsibility as the Managing Director of the company.

We are excitedly looking forward to provide you even better services on this platform.


Way to go!

Reflecting back on 2015, I am extremely happy to see that BeMRCOG courses uptake has expanded far beyond my imagination.
Originally designed for a UK based exam, these courses are now taken to prepare for other post-graduation exams in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. I’m privileged to be mentoring candidates sitting for specialty exams of Australia, Ireland, Zambia, Jordan, Oman and Arab board. Although these exams have different patterns, the users feel that the systematic approach they achieve through BeMRCOG courses helps them to deal with any sort of exam questions.
New features are up in the agenda for 2016, which I’m quite excited about and would be announcing soon!
Asma Naqi.



Our Skype workshop would be held on Saturday 17/10/15. People are still subscribing for the course. Please note that it will not be possible for me to organize another workshop for the late joiners. Those attending the workshop are expected to go through the practice material at least once before the day. So, if you or anyone you know is planning to join the course, please do it ASAP to gain maximum benefit out of this very successful course.


BeMRCOG debriefing sessions!!

Debriefing sessions with the unsuccessful written exam candidates will be held on Sunday, 18/10/15.
This time it would be a one-one session and not a group debriefing, so you’ll be able to discuss your individual difficulties in depth.
You will receive emails shortly with further plans and details about it.


Welcome to New

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the new version of website, I hope you like it and it makes your learning experience easy and enjoyable.

Please reset your password and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

All the best,

Dr. Asma Naqi


MBBRACE-UK report tutorial added

A new topic is added to the BeMRCOG written course. This is another hot topic for the upcoming exam and a must read.
Please find this tutorial ‘Maternal Deaths’ in the ‘Pregnancy Complications’ module.
Asma Naqi.


New tutorial added

Venous thromboembolism is added as a new topic at the end of Maternal Medicine module. Please disregard the older updated topic on VTE (thrombosis and thromboembolism) as it has some technical problems.
Additional SBAs and EMQs are also added in the new topic.
VTE is a must come in the upcoming September exam, so it is highly recommended to prepare this topic very well.

Good Luck!


Last month exam stress

Last month before the exam stress?
Read my latest blog post ‘Burnout’ to find out a few coping tips.
Hope this helps!!

Asma Naqi.


VTE updated

Dear All,
The VTE prophylaxis has been updated based on the new GTG guidance. Management of acute VTE and mock exams on both these topics will be updated in a couple of days.
You can find this topic in the Maternal Medicine Module under ‘Venous Thromboembolism;
Dr. Asma Naqi.


Important blog entry for repeaters

Dear BeMRCOG course subscribers,
Please take a few moments to read my new blog entry, this may help you to identify the cause of not getting through the exam and to devise a solution.
The blog title is: ‘The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.’


Debriefing session

Dear all who couldn’t get through the written part 2 March 2015,
We will have a Skype debriefing session about this exam on Thursday, April 2,  at 05 30 pm UK time. Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to
Note: Only BeMRCOG course subscribers.



Hi folks,

Please note that i will be away from 13/03/15 to 15/03/15 and will be unable to answer to your messages and emails during this time. I will get back to you on the 16th of March 2015.
Hope any urgent queries can be withheld for 3 days.


New topic added in Clinical Governance

BeMRCOG course subscribers please check out a newly added tutorial in the module ‘Clinical Governance’; regarding healthcare system in the NHS.
Recommended reading before the exam!


Forums go live!

On Dec 2, 2013, BeMRCOG forums go live. Now you can share your experience and discuss your queries with other members and with the course mentor.
The forums can be located at the end of the home page.


31 Aug 2013 – BeMRCOG ecourse goes live.

The course material is in the process of uploading but it is made accessible for you so those who wish to join and start can shape up their studies well ahead of the March 2014 exam. You will be kept updated about any new material upload through this News Page.

If you have joined the course, then you will receive a newsletter as soon as new material is uploaded on the website.

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